Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fastest Way to Renew your US Visa

If your US Visa expired within 1 year of  its validity then you may be eligible for an Interview Waiver where there's no need for an interview by a US Consul and that will save you time and effort going to the US Embassy. Instead you will need to answer all the questions online , print the waiver , and send it together with a 2"x2" passport photo via Dropbox  to your nearest 2GO Courier Center..

Here are the requirements if you can answer all these questions with a YES then you're eligible:

1. I have a previous B1/B2 Visa that I wish to renew
2. My Visa was issued after July 1, 2007
3. My prior Visa was valid for at least 5 years
4. My prior Visa is still valid or expired within the last 12 months
5. I'm a citizen of the Philippines
6. My prior visa doesn't say " Clearance Received" or "Travel with Employer"
7. I have my passport with my Visa in my posession
8. My Visa was issued on or after my 14th birthday.
9. The last time I applied for a Visa it was approved.

NOTE: The 2Go Courier Service was already paid when you apply for the B1/B2 Visa for $160 so when you are asked where to deliver your Visa  the best answer will be your current address instead of  a 2Go Center to save on time and effort.

Hope this helps . God bless !!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

How I Use Silva Method to connect with God

The Bible said that we are all created in God's image (Spirit) and Jesus said that "If we only have Faith as small as a mustard seed , we can move mountains";  He also mentioned "Whatever I did , you can do also " ( if we adhere to God's Law of Love ). Can we really influence our daily life , be
a positive creator of our destiny (or do you prefer to be a victim of what's happening to you.).

If you have similar experiences about how you use meditation, prayers or the Silva method to have what you want in life, please share it on the Comment below.

I 've been studying the Silva Method for the past three months. It's an active meditation technique to help me in my daily life . And these are my true-to-life experiences of its effectiveness. Is this a Fact-or-Fiction - you'll be the judge.


The other day our helper accidentally locked the door to my son's room after cleaning it. Then I was initially upset searching for the lost key for more than one hour , opening different rooms, cabinets , drawers and trying about 30 different keys with no success. But then I remember what I learned from Silva Mind training on how to find the missing item.

Gold Key

I meditated using the 3 to 1 method. Relaxing my body from my scalp to my feet. Remember a mind relaxing beach scenery to go deeper and counting down further (10-to-1) to get to Alpha level. Then I imagine a huge LED screen showing the problem of the lost key and the locked room . I then ask my guardian angels for guidance. Clearing the old screen and replacing that with a new one showing the location of the key hanging at the back of the storage room door. At first it looks like a key with something black as attachment, when I finally saw it was actually a black key chain adorning three keys. I was reluctant at first since the keys were not mark at all. But when I finally use it my son's room was finally opened right there and then. Now I have proven for many times that Silva Method really works.


My Umbrella

Last week , it was raining hard and I checked my umbrella and found out it was broken. Since I needed to go to the supermarket , I tried to find an umbrella store before I leave using the Silva method . I saw in my mind the location where to get the best umbrella for a bargain price . When I went there by the sidewalk at MRT Boni Avenue station I found a man peddling the green umbrella with automatic opening and closing features by the handle for only P175 , a bargain compare to the malls P450 price tag. This is the 1st time that I saw this man peddling umbrella in that area of the sidewalk eventhough I frequently pass by that area whenever I need to go the nearest Robinson's


BIR Form

Yesterday , on the way to BIR Manila RDO # 33 behind Letran College to get Form 1905 for the transfer to Taguig RDO # 44  I started praying and using the Silva Method . I had to do this  because of my new job as a Call Center agent with Sutherland , the tax papers need to be transferred to RDO # 44 in Taguig City.  Since I just came from a training in Cubao  I will only have one hour of travel until I reach BIR before it closes at 5 pm.   While at MRT train , I visualize myself arriving  at BIR by 3:50 pm  gladly serve by BIR personnel  and getting my goal, the  Form 1905 stamp swiftly before I set to go home.  To my surprise , everything happened as described , I even met a young man who was there more than four hours ahead of me while I was being served . This is another proof that Silva Method works.

To Learn more how you can practice the Silva Method  click this link

Friday, October 3, 2014

OFW & Gen Y: Best Long Term Investment - Healthcare

For more than 20 years I've worked as an OFW  and most of my money were manage by my wife.  Fast forward  today ,  I got sick  with flu  only to find out that I don't have a long term care insurance .  At my age of 47,  I  realize that I needed this type of insurance if  I want my family to have a worry free life later on with my 2 children taking up medicine .  And while I'm still  strong and capable and while the costs of such insurance is still affordable  I opted to buy Long-Term Care  from Kaiser  , a leading Healthcare provider in our country today .

Kaiser's  Long-Term HealthCare is a 3-in-1  Investment ,  Insurance and Long Term HealthCare . When your company's health benefits  are  gone  together with your retirement , this investment is a great relief . Now I don't need to worry  about my hospitalization when I reach the age of 70  as the maturity of this insurance . I'm entitled to more than 1.5 million pesos , more than 3 times what I paid for. The long-term care benefit at age 75 will have a bonus for a total of 2.5 million pesos if not utilize and will continue growing until redemption and use.

I would like to thank my friend Rex Duenas for the information and all my mentors from International Marketing Group  (IMG)  for  providing the free seminar about "Personal Financial   Planning" where I learned the importance of a long term health care before any other investments . Seeing the negative effect - wiping out the family savings and resources when hospitalization ensued at a later age with my Lolo and Lola  ,  I can now sleep well knowing that my family will have a more secure and comfortable life when my time comes to an end.

If you would like to know more about  our "Free Seminars on Improving your Finances" - getting out of debt or knowing where to invests your hard-earned money,  pls visit  IMG office at
9/F King's Court I Building, 2129 Don Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), Makati City, Philippines 1200   Tel. No.: (632) 812-2551 | (632) 586-5471 | +63917-500-8388 | Fax No.: (632) 811-2327 and look for Ms Sheryl Sperling  or Mr. Rex Duenas. (Pls inform them about this blog by Jun dela Cruz..)

For your Financial Freedom ,

Remigio "Jun dela Cruz"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fastest Way of Getting your Birth Certificate in NSO Makati

 Birth Certificate in NSO Makati:

This is the experience of a call center agent  in getting his/her birth certificate  from NSO Makati located at JP Rizal St.      (Ground floor of old City Hall Bldg). Let's thank and acknowledge him/ her for such a very useful blog.

"Since I came from the office in Eastwood and parked my car there (I don’t want to wrestle with Makati traffic), I took a jeep going to MRT. Cost – 10 pesos. Fare from MRT Cubao to MRT Guadalupe is 12 pesos. On both sides of Guadalupe are jeepney terminals, both will pass by JP Rizal street. JP Rizal used to house the old city hall. Fare – eight pesos. NSO Makati is in the first floor of the old building. I arrived at exactly 8 am and there’s a lot of people, more than 40, I think.There are 11 windows in the NSO but you only have to deal with Windows 1/2, 4/5, 7/8, and 10/11. Please take note of the four steps here."

1. Fill up the application form which are color coded. White for Birth Certificate, green for Marriage Certificate, red for Certificate of No Marriage Record and yellow for Death Certificate. You can get the form in Window 1 and fill it up in the available tables. Write legibly and in block letters. Line up in Window 2 for the assessment. Since mine has the complete details, no questions were asked. The assessor will put a note in the application form the amount you will pay. The lady asked me to go to Window 4 or 5. Waiting time: 20 minutes.

2. Windows 4 or 5 collect the Miscellaneous Fee for the city government worth 40 pesos per copy. Being the OC that I am and for future use, I requested for two copies of my birth certificate. I paid the exact amount of 80 pesos to contribute to the money making scheme of the city government. A receipt will be given to you. Waiting time: two minutes.

3. Expect a long line of people in Windows 7/8. This is where you pay the 140 per copy of the NSO document. There are seats available so it’s not that tiring. After paying, there was a note in the receipt that the document will be released by 9:45 am (it’s already 9 when I paid). Waiting time: 38 minutes.

4. Wait for your name to be called in Windows 10/11 for the release of your document. I have to say the the lady announcer here is pleasant. She goes, “Sa mga tatawaging pangalan, mangyaring pumila lamang sa Window 10 (or 11). Magdala ng ID o letter of authorization. No ID o authorization, no release.” She said this in a very monotone voice and since I heard it at least five times while waiting, her voice is the same as her other announcements. When my name was called, I brought out my drivers license and presented it with the receipts. Waiting time: 30 minutes. (Does this mean I saved 15 minutes?)

At the end he got his birth certificate after one and  half hour .  He did this because he had an appointment for his medical and visa the next day.

I hope this helps to save you time (same day release  ) & money (P140 excluding fares etc.).   :-)
 ( I read that the East Avenue NSO Center is jam packed most of the time and I won't recommend it to you  if you want convenience .)

Obviously an advantage for those living near Makati area with less time  but if you have more money and more time at hand then the next procedure will serve you best : Online application .

e-Census Application

If you don't mind the hassle of queing in -line , this the next cheaper alternative in getting your Birth  or marriage certificate:  the eCensus  Online  application


It costs P315 in return for convenience and not going to Serbilis Centers .disadvantages are you may only get your birth certificate within  3-5 days in Metro Manila ; only your parents / guardian or spouse may receive your birth certificate if your not available to personally receive it at your
designated address.


In comparison,  Teleserve Services costs  P350 per birth certificate but faster (2-5 days release within Metro Manila ) You may visit them at

If you have any wholesome experience getting your birth or marriage certificate pls share it by giving your comments below.

I hope this helps. Enjoy & share if you like it   :-)